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We envision a future where people can forget about receipts until they're needed, where the storage and management of receipts is automatic, where trees don't need to be cut down to make them, and where the details of our personal shopping habits are safe, secure and private. Printing a paper receipt should be the exception - not the norm.

We need a solution that we can rely on, something that will make people's lives easier.

Imagine a system where all your card payment merchant receipts are sent to your bank account as digital receipts. Imagine being able to select any particular transaction and see all the details associated with it as a complete receipt, just like the paper one would have been in the store. Add in options such as 'Save', 'Print', ‘Export’ and 'Email' to give you complete control and flexibility.

Our goal is to promote this idea and encourage the finance industry to get on board and help us make it happen.

We trust banks with our money - lets trust them with our receipts.
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